Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I Am Now Glad You Walked Out My Life and Kept Walking ~ Bad Poetry

Dear Sir

Apologies, I know it's so so cliche, but I have to say thank you
You showed me the worst of yourself so that I could find the best parts of me 💗
God used you in such an unfair way but such is life.
Who knew this women would emerge from the ashes
Dust off the dirt and keep going
I swear sometimes it hurt so much it felt useless to try
To walk
To breath
To think
To be myself
Because that meant moving further and further away from what I thought I knew
Growth is painful

And because I didn't yet know who I was.
And because I thought this would be my last chance at love
I cried and begged God
But you just kept on walking
As though nothing had happen between us
I could not believe that a human being could be so heartless
But there by the grace of God you go...
You chased me
You made promises to me
Not me.
It was never me.
My Naivety 

I learnt that men like you like to portray strength, power and influence
But you are really actually quite weak
Quite Human
That it is really all just talk and not much else
That you are a cowardly little boy hiding in a 'grown man's' costume
A coward who learnt the magical illusion of projecting
 You project your biggest flaws onto others to make yourself feel better
You  dump your insecurities on people to feel better
You pass on that dark cloud inside yourself that you are frightened to address

It's a pity really
Also quite ironic
That because of your ruthlessness I am now here
I am really happy to be here
I really didn't know that this was hidden inside me
I really didn't know that I could become this
Or that there are second chances
Much more healthier second chances
Thank you for trying to break me.
You taught me some humans are extremely dangerous.
Once we've been burnt, we certainly won't play with fire.
So keep your distance
You are a walking time bomb
Eventually God will catch up with you
I really hope you'll be capable of learning
Growth is painful
"It's the monsters inside of us that are scary" 

All the Best from,
No Longer Broken Hearted

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