Saturday, 3 March 2018

Fitness Update #1 : My Motivation to Jump Rope for 30 Minutes Each Day.

So what had happened was...

Somebody took a photo of me....

Posted it on facebook...

 And I was shocked to see myself....

No amount of filters could have hidden what I saw...

I don't know who those hips belong too?

Where did they come from? How did they arrive without going through immigration? Do they have a valid work visa? I am pretty sure they are inhibiting my body illegally...How long are they planning on staying? I had gotten used to the belly fat but those hips...those hips didn't sit right with me.

I promptly decided to get active.

I knew I wasn't going to diet. 😐😐😐

I loveπŸ’˜ food far toooooo much to diet. So It had to be exercise!πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

This video JMS Vlogs on You Tube was what motivated me. His belly fat melted off in the video, I needed the same transformation. Not to mention the numbers representing his weight dropping on the right hand corner of the screen as he skipped each week; they helped me visualize my weight loss happening. Now I have already written about weight gain on the blog, and I am sticking to what I said the changes to my life style must be healthy and they must be done because I chose it, not because others have forced me too. 

When I was younger I used to skip every day during the school holidays. My Dad was worried I'd get lazy from watching TV all day so he added skipping to my routine along with some other sports activities. 200 jumps everyday was my required amount. No more. No less. It's actually one of the few exercise I enjoyed so  I knew I could do this.

Fast forward to the present day, I started my daily workout with 15 minutes of skipping every day. I would jump 100 and take 10 second breaks in between. JMS Vlogs has a guide video on skipping for beginners, intermediate and advanced . I incorporated what I could for a 'beginner'.

From all  the googling I did on skipping, I learnt that it is a good exercise to choose if you are not a fan of jogging. I had tried blogilates last year and though it was good, it didn't seem intense enough of a workout for me. However now that I am skipping I may add some blogilates back into my weekly routine just to switch things up.

Gradually by the end of January I was able to skip for 20 minutes and now I am up to 30 minutes. It feels great! There are have been some challenges though...

In my next  fitness update I shall talk about the benefits and the challenges I am facing.

Have you incorporated any exercise into your daily routine?
 What motivated you to start?
 Comment below.  


  1. Hahahahaha those hips are legal Maria, LEGAL!!! Recently started doing some sit-ups...not very consistent though. Maybe i should take up some skipping as well

    1. Thanks for reading Kullein, Let me remain in denial about my hips. LoL. I would encourage the skipping, my fitness has greatly improved, some how I have added in a 5 minute jog as well...can you imagine? Next few blog posts on this will explain everything!