Monday, 27 May 2019

May, Myself and I - A Creativity Prompt By Carrie Hope Fletcher

I was inspired by this Carrie Hope Fletcher's You Tube Video. I hope to one day be as endearing  yet succinct when I converse with people.

 Every time I watch her videos, I feel like she's an old friend sitting down to have a good honest sincere chat with me about life and things...

So she came up with a list of prompts for content creation in May, and I wanted to join and make something....not  a video but maybe some blog posts..right? I am late to the party though.... as its already 27th  May. So I decided I would just write a line for each word prompt and make it all one loooooong random blog post. 

So here you go, here's to the month of  May!

I really don't know how people can keep up a daily running schedule without getting bored. I commend you if you are one of those people.  I need that kind of commitment to exercise in  my life. Share your secrets with  us , we get bored of the same exercise after just two months...smh

I never got the chance to study astronomy in school, and  I feel like I missed out. Seems I have been living in this bubble that consists only of earth. I hope to change this soon & learn more about our galaxy & universe. As much information as is available I guess...

Jam filled doughnuts heated in the micro wave for 10 seconds can cure a negative thought spiral. Trust me on this.

Red lips:
 The right red lipstick can do wonders for your confidence.
My newest color is called Milani's 'amour' mwaaaaa!

Scrambled eggs with butter and milk is they the best way to go

It's funny how people  who don't usually talk to you,
feel the sudden urge to speak to you when you gain weight...
Almost like you have done something illegal...

 Listen to Be Careful by Cardi B

Last time I saw a good prank I was a child. 

I always have one in my bag, a habit I picked up from all my years in England.

 Listen to Unpretty by TLC

These yellow things always cheer me up when I go upcountry.

"Power is not given to you, You have to take it." ~ Beyonce

Sometimes people treat me like I don't matter, then I look in the mirror and remember I am a full grown woman, and I know that I must  be prepared to  use my voice when necessary.

I love a good musical. Why curtains reminded me of that I don't know!?!

Black & White:
  Go watch the movie Pleasantville staring Reese Witherspoon and Toby Magwire .

Lately, my anxiety tends to  leave me lost in a tornado of thoughts.
I say a tornado because I feel like I have no control.
I am still finding my way...

 Is it luck, or is it fate? Sometimes I am never quite so sure.

 Everybody needs a cup that has sparkle on it, to remind  them that  their inner light can never be dimmed...or maybe  just to enjoy staring at shinny things...

"I am gonna keep running cause a winner don't quit on themselves." ~ Beyonce

Lord knows my body fights against  the Mundane by refusing to get up on

So I was advised recently to get my own space, and the truth is I do need too.
So I am hunting for my own space.
If I am honest  I would like a new beginning.
 I am ready to move on...

 Where ever one is planted. learning to survive and thrive is important in this life.

Something that we all need yet some people think it's a weakness

My mum loved to write letters, she would sit on the dinning table in the afternoon with her notepad and write. I loved to stick the stamps on the envelopes when she was done.

In some places when a women's period has started,
they say the 'Moon' has interesting is that?

Jekyll & Hyde:
 Some people are actually a slightly toned version of this in our workplaces. Jesus Mary and Joseph help us.

Go listen to Circles- Tamar Braxton

As Little finger said on Game Of Thrones, "chaos is a ladder."

"Praise him Praaaise him, Praaaaaaaaaaise him in morning, Praaaaaaise him in the evening Praise him Praise him. Praise him when the sun goes down"~ Every Mum and Aunty I know loves to sing this hymn while looking round the house for work they are going give me to do....

Some people love to receive these, and yet are terrible at giving them. The irony!?!

I sometimes curse my self for having hope that even in the most darkest ,most hopeless moments in my life will stubbornly flicker.... maybe i shall write a little blog post about this....maybe not...

Alright...I guess that's all...until the next post. 

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Monday, 6 May 2019

God Said, " No, Please Don't Write From There.... "

I wanted to write from a sad dark twisted disrespectful place,
because it is easy for me.
Second nature.
But God said, "No, please don't write from there."

I had forgotten once again, 
 even though we (God & I) have  been on this self -love journey for a long while.

You see I was starting to believe two hurt fools.
 They keep projecting their sense of worthlessness onto me.
Drumming , Drumming & Drumming... 

I have this talent, I can mentally self-flagellate excellently. 
Most likely because I am a Catholic.
When someone starts to beat me down, I instinctively join them.
I help them choose the stick, the whip, the chains, the knife, the words. 
No questions asked.
No doubt in  my mind that I deserve to be taken down.
"It MUST be me," my mind with automatically say
"I must be the problem."

So I had the pen in my hand,
 and the paper, ready for the first draft.
I saved the title on Blogger in the Drafts' section
I didn't want to not write about this...
But God said to me 
"I told you NO!
Don't ...please don't  write from there."