I am a writer. A real one.

Friday 19 May 2023


Malcom Gladwell said 10,000 hours.

I think I have clocked mine.



I can now comfortable say that I am writer. 

A real one!

And a good one too. 


My basic skills helped me begin my career in communications.

Luckily or intended by the Divine One, my then supervisor saw something in me that I didn't see.


I have not published a book yet, but throughout my career I have been honing and perfecting this skill for various online and traditional media platforms. 

There is also this blog, evidence of personal creative growth over the years. Right?

For the record I now know that I will write, create, produce and publish great work continuously and joyfully until I don't want too anymore.


Watch this space. 

Anywho....thank you for coming to my TED Talk! 😂 

What about you? 

What have you finally accepted to acknowledge about yourself? 

Get in that comment section and share 😀 

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