Birthday Fenty, Pizza and Cappuccinos after noon in Torino, Italy - Week Three Update

Wednesday 26 April 2023


 I did it. I moved again!

Who is this Maria? I sometimes don't know either. 

I am now in Torino, Italy.  

Everything is new and overwhelming, but my colleagues are so helpful, concerned and kind that it offsets some of the anxiety. 

Just like in the movies there are picturesque buildings and streets with cute cafes, bars and restaurants on every corner. I could happily get used to this lifestyle.

It is considered a smaller less hectic city with a 'light' functional transport system yet I still found the orange yellow trams intimidating because of the very high steps at each door that are easy to trip on, and how they always arrive packed with people. I finally caved in and used one last week.  Fears have been conquered.

We are surrounded by the famous Alps, so I will hike when the weather is warmer. 

I have eaten loooooooooooots of cookies, croissants and  mostly  pizza al taglio 

At night, I sleep peacefully even though I drink  3 cups of coffee daily...really goooooooooooooooooood coffee. There are so many options I may do a fun blog post on this soon. 

The coffee-after-lunch culture has changed my work life. Those after lunch snooze attacks that used to hit me at my desk have disappeared completely. 

A colleague took me out for hot chocolate at Cafe Clarissa and the world seems to be a beautiful and bright place again!

Also the Milka choco brownies that the vending machine at work supplies are a new addiction. 

Today is my 61st  day of Duolingo learning, very optimistic that I will be able to sustain simple conversations in Italian by the end of the year. 

Discovered Sephora on my birthday so I am happy that my skincare junkie ways will flourish here.

My Airbnb host baked and surprised me with a birthday cake. 

Lastly cats really like me in idea why!?
I am slowly being converted from a dog-person. 

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