Dear God - I forgot

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Dear God,

Psalm 91.
Psalm 51.
Psalm 23.
Our Father.
Hail Mary.
Glory to God.
I forgot it all. 

The hard work we did.
The years of learning and shedding. 
I got numb.
I got scared.
I tensed up. 
I forgot.

Lost in my head.
Crippled for weeks
Fighting off the burns of a silent searing fear,
also the doubt,
tons of piles of never-ending mental hallways of doubt. 

Eating my breakfast Rolex,
in the field, in Moroto.
Enjoying the morning sun peering at me through the curtains.
Scrolling and scrolling through the J7,
Deciding what can free my memory.
I stubble across our routine
And remember,
our promise
our grind
 the pledge. 

I begin again...
Like nothing happened
Psalm 23.
Psalm 51.
Psalm 91.
Our Father.
Hail Mary.
Glory to God.

A bond tied long ago,
by a prayer warrior.
I begin again, and again.
And realize, just like John said,
 You never left me.

Photo Credit : Unsplash