Friday, 28 July 2017

Dear Queen- That Girl from 2014

Dear Queen

Facebook brought this memory up today, 28th July 2017. 

Oh my really....oh my gosh. 😲

Photos can be like time machines. 

For five minutes this morning, I was frozen to my seat,  lost in the past,  remembering the moment this photo was taken. 

What a long time ago...

What a different place I was in...

(So nice and skinny then.... 😜)

I remember that day. Just trying to keep myself relevant in a place where people didn't want me to exist. I remember praying desperately for God to help me through. I remember being so shocked at the behavior of people I  trusted. I remember feeling like I had no voice. I really had to dig down deep to fight for my right to be heard. I had to teach people to value me, to value what I had to bring to the table. I had no idea that, that kind of inner strength existed in me. It reminds me of Jesus's parable about the mustard seed...

I remember feeling lost...really lost and depressed.

I don't even know where I found the energy to smile for this photo. I felt like I would never find my way home from this gloomy horrible hope-less vacuum of a place.

But I did.

It took months and months....but I did.

I learnt to trust God to bring me through the eclipses.

I learnt to love and accept myself and my glitches. I think a year later this blog was born.💜

There are no words that could express the level of my gratitude to God for bringing me through that juncture. I am also thankful for the family and friends I had around me at that time.

Onward we must go Queen.

What a strange blast from the past to remind us where we have come from, and that we can find the fortitude to continue through to the future.

It was so funny how externally you look fine but inside you may be crumbling to pieces like an old forgotten dilapidated building. It's all good though, because we have to learn to build new and strong foundations. Hopefully we shall be able to pass these skills on to our children one day

Enjoy your weekend!

Till I write again...

Love this!

Comment below if you have had the same photo-time-machine experience...

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