Thursday, 14 July 2016

Dear God : 14th July 2016

Dear God,

This week I learnt a few things…

  1. When you say you’ve got it, you really do have it!
  2. I must get in the habit of listening. I must be still and listen to you, no judgements. (SIDE NOTE:  I would have loved to see Noah’s face when you told him what you required him to do.) 
  3.  My thoughts matter. I know… it’s REALLY cliché but “ Stay positive” and keeping them clean is real. Very real. 
  4.  You are taking my commitment seriously.. How!? I can’t explain but It’s official, you’re a keeper. Not just something I am obligated to do, but a choice.
I experienced some negativity from someone last week.  You advised me to sit still; “Don’t  react!” you said. I thought you were crazy! But okay, you’ve been around, and you do know your people, so I did what you asked me to do.  To my dropped jaw surprise, within five minutes the person tried to make up for their behavior. Now I know you did not control their reactions, but your advice saved me from judging someone harshly. They were under pressure; a bad reaction from me would have made it worse. Thank you. I will listen to you more often. Clearly you know what you are doing.

On the subject of my my internal thought process….. I do. Yes I openly admit I do expect the worst.  The conversations I have in my head need to be disinfected  with a good cleaner. They are a defense mechanism. They help me prepare for the worst.  I learnt this from the book I am current reading called  Daring Greatly.  What it says is true. In the moment we humans experience joy, our next thought is something bad will happen. I am one of those people that believe that doom and gloom is out there somewhere waiting to pounce on me. We usually say “The Devil is at work…..” I can’t experience a happy moment without looking over my back. I need to stop doing this. If I am going to trust you, then I have to try and stop doing this.  I can’t stop the bad things from happening, but maybe I need to trust that am old enough to know how to deal with them the best way I can? What do you think? I shall wait for your  wisdom.

And thirdly, I am so surprised at the ways you use to communicate. Why am I surprised though? Creativity came from you! I mean you are the ultimate. Seriously, Let’s continue. I made a commitment which it seems you heard, and you made one too. 

Once again thank you for my lessons.

I can’t wait for the next letter.

Always faithful,


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