Monday, 18 July 2016

My Saturday Morning Thoughts…

 It’s 6.30 am, I shall wake up at 7.00am
7.00 am time to get up.
My body doesn’t want to get up
No… Get up! Remember you are supposed to take this writing thing seriously.
Go to the bathroom, switch on the tap.
Have you drank  your apple cider vinegar and water?
This stuff is disgusting
But my sugar cravings disappear…
The water is hot … take a shower.
Get dressed, do casual smart
Where did you put that pink jacket?
Will these jeans fit, squeeze girl squuuueeeeeeeeeeze … oh there you go…just don’t breath so much today.
Combed your hair? Check. Side Bun….. Check.
Where is your bag? Where are your keys?
My room is always a mess…
Why have you chosen to wake up so early on a Saturday?
Down the stairs we go….
Say good morning to Dad
Into the kitchen
Greet the house girl
Grab a bread bun to eat in the car
Out the door….
You are going to be late! Remember they said no late comers…
But how could they say that? don’t they know they are in Uganda?
Don’t knock the driver or the house girl when reversing… you never use your mirrors!
The car is making a weird sound, you need take it for service…
Isn’t it too early for service?
But the engine sounds grouchy, let’s call the mechanic,
Not now we are late.
The radio music is terrible.
Watch out for the chicken
Saturday morning = no cars= no traffic= just a random chicken
You forgot to put lipstick on….
If you put it on in the car, someone will see you and think you are vain…
What kind people will be at this workshop?
What if they think you are crap at writing?
*Deep Breathes*
OMG the Total Petrol lorry is going to run you over…
Reverse! Use your mirrors!
No…..turn…. turn a bit
Do you need petrol? we are passing your favorite station....
Nope? Okay….
How about coffee from Javas? We are passing City Oil?
Nope? Too expensive? Yeah, forget it.
Is that the news on the radio? Damn it! It’s 9.00 am! You are late!
Hell, I don’t care….I am on my way.
Are you passing though Wandegya or Old Kampala?
Old Kampala….
No car = No traffic * Smiles*
What if we get lost after Mulago?
What if we take the wrong turn?
No. Don’t worry. You have been there before, when you were delivering diaries to The Observer
Will they have coffee?
Where will you get lunch from?
Don’t act boogie Maria!
Oh look there is Amber and Ronald
I am not late!!! Yay!
Be careful…. don’t run them over!
Where should I park?
Oh…. Thanks… Ronald, here we go
Good parking Maria.
Quick there is no one around, put your lipstick on… hehehe…..

My morning thoughts exercise written during a Writing Our World Workshop

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