Monday, 25 July 2016

#SaturdayAdventures: Maisha Moto - In Conversation with Doreen Baingana

Where imagination can run wild...Maisha Gardens

 " Keep alert to your imagination" ~ Doreen Baingana
Over the weekend I went to Maisha Gardens for  'Maisha Moto : In Conversation with Doreen Baingana'. She published her short story collection titled 'Tropical Fish' in 2005. It revolves around the lives of family in entebbe Uganda. Please do get her book if you can.

"I stole from my life"~ Doreen Baingana

Doreen says fiction is a great way to explore different perspectives on life without judgement. I totally agree on this point. Sometimes a story is the best way to teach people some good life lessons. It's a format that has been used for centuries.  She says she would like to see more fiction about Africa told through the eyes of Africans. She pointed out a particular niche where we lack a clear voice on our continent,  travel writing. In fact she started of by sharing a piece she wrote about a recent trip to Nigeria.

While judging the Caine's Prize she felt non- native speakers brought an added flavor to the English language making their stories richer and more enjoyable.  When someone asked about whether Africans are forced to write the typical African story to ensure they get published, she simply reiterated the fact that that no matter the story if the writing is good, " I don't see how you will get rejected! Make sure the writing is superb. " 

She is currently working on a novel, I am eagerly awaiting it's release..

By the way Maisha Gardens is stunning!! Some gorgeous piece of paradise right next to Cassia Lodge.

Anytime you get the chance it is totally worth visiting, even if its just to snap a few lovely pictures.....
This is me trying to be interesting... the pressure on Instagram...LOL.... #HappilyFlawed

 Had to get that Selfie with Doreen Baingana

To start off Doreen Baingana shared a beautiful piece of writing about her recent trip to Nigeria


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