Purpose and thick skin!

Sunday 23 July 2023


I have now been in the working world for 15 years. 

I couldn't have predicted all the twists and turns that have lead me here but in that time I have learnt a lot.

If I had a chance to go back I wouldn't change anything.

The exact same. I would choose all of it again.

When I started working as a student caller at university  I managed to get the highest number of donations...me..introvert and scared Maria got people who had never donated before to do so!

When I worked at Clarks I managed to sell a customer a pair of shoes only for him to return the box the next day with two shoes that were completely different colours, despite this I still managed to be the best sales team member for children. Parents insisted on coming in on the days when I was working.

When I worked at River Island as a temp for the Christmas holiday period I was the only one they decided to hire full time afterwards. They had no intention of taking on new staff, but they found the money and the hours to keep me based on my performance. 

When I worked at a youth project I lived with my fun and 'very cool' work mates in an old house in the center of London and learned how to facilitate workshops plus develop programmes for children and young people. 

My time with the UN will probably be the most impactful experience in my professional life, my work ethic thrived, I learnt so much from people that didn't even know they were teaching me. I had supervisors who invested in my skill set and believed in me enough to let me lead on fantastic projects that childhood Maria could only have dreamt off . If I wrote about them in this blog post we would be here forever, but trust me my whole professional and technical  foundation was built and strengthened during that time. 

Presently, I find myself in a new workplace where quite a few people are 
questioning me and my abilities.

And quite frankly I now know who I am and that I am really good at what I can do.

(if I wasn't...then...OMG...what a waste of a life!)

Its hard to shake me and if you manage to do so it doesn't take me long to put myself right and keep going. 

(Sometimes the petty side of me will wait for the opportunity to politely revenge...but that is for another blog post) 

Knowing my purpose and having thick skin is getting me through this, while frustrating the questioners all the more...

Let me also say that I am not afraid to learn , neither am I frightened by constructive criticism. 
They are major part of personal and professional growth.

I really have come a loooooong way. 

The little girl who fantasized about this adult life would be proud.

In fact I am at a place where I could mentor someone too. 

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