Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Taking Stock: March 2016

Taking Stock: March 2016 #HappilyFlawed

Making: A series that celebrates some extraordinary ordinary woman called Welcome To Womanhood, please check out some of the guest blog posts, if you'd like to submit something let me know.
Welcome to Womanhood -digital poster
·         Drinking: Coffee lots of Coffee..
·         Reading:  'When a crocodile eats the sun' by Peter Godwin
Currently reading...

·         Looking:  A lovely view before my gym session starts.
The view...

·         Playing: 'Formation' by Beyonce
·         Wasting:  Not wasting anything this month
·         Wishing:  For Easter celebrations to begin, so that I can eat junk food. I gave it up for Jesus.
·         Enjoying: Tae bow class on Friday.
·         Writing:  A story story for submission...shhhh!
·          Loving:  #TeamNewsRoom
#TeamNewsRoom with Patrick Kluivert, FC Barcelona Legend

Eating: Fruits + yogurt+nuts = great combination
cures unhealthy cravings...

·         Marveling: at the wonderful stories, my friends submitted for the Welcome to Womanhood series
·         Needing: To constantly remind myself to be my own person and make my own life choices.
·         Wearing: New shoes and hair accessories from J's accessories....again shhhh....

·         Noticing:  That being assertive is tough, people don't like the word 'NO' 
                         Also that most people have unknown mental issues. 
·         Knowing: That I sometimes enjoy being alone, but not lonely.

·         Thinking: I am grateful
·      ·  Opening: A new drawing tab when customs allows Fedex to deliver it!
· Giggling: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4

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