Taking Stock - Sleeping Better and Worrying Less - March 2023

Friday 17 March 2023


Making: Time for change again. There are many who may not understand the motivation behind my choices this year. so here is a mini explanation.... My life is running me yet I am meant to run my life. This is starting to show on my body. I have gained weight, my anxiety and sleeping patterns are running a muck. Last year I accepted that I am also a worker bee, I like to have purpose, office politics can't be avoided but it should not take up 80% of my workload, so I am moving to where I can be more productive. Being productive is good for my soul. Taking control of my life means having good work-life balance, progressing through my masters, losing weight, sleeping better and worrying less. Let me stress again I want to run my life. 

Writing: For my new job and this blog. very excited about this. 

Loving: The Ordinary's Retinol 0.2% in Squalene , Victoria Secret's Overnight Lip Mask

Eating:  I am still making progress with my intermittent fasting journey and this week I tried Melatonin to help my sleeping pattern recover and wow... forgive me for the clich√© but I slept like a baby 

Drinking: More water and no alcohol for the next three months.  Wish me luck

Learning & listening: Four new languages and this podcast episode changed my life...

Noticing & Feeling: I am the best version of  self right now.  I am enjoying thriving in my technical expertise. I am more assertive than the Maria of ten years ago. Maybe I will write about this in more  detail on the blog, not sure yet.... 

Knowing: The only two people who really love me in this world are my niece and my nephew. When I returned from Zambia they were the happiest to see me. They just enjoy my company and it is vice visa for me too.  My niece is was so upset when she found out  I was leaving again. It made me feel really sad and slightly torn about my decision to move.... but I reminded her that I will return and we will have so many stories for each other when I do. Aside from family connection, for most of my life I have been trying to avoid being alone. Looking for friendships and even sometimes romantic love, it is starting to occur to me that maybe those are things that I need to accept I may have failed at doing. I have to stop running from being alone. I have to accept the kind of love that is available to me. Love wins because love is such a vast big thing. 

Thinking: Set the intention. Tell God. Start the journey. I have a prayer commitment this year to complete. 

Giggling Over: Elyse Myers, just discovered her on you tube and enjoying her videos. 

And yourself? What are you taking stock of in this new year? 

Do something you future self will thank you for quote

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