Watch Glitch - A #kdrama with weird confusing twists

Saturday 17 December 2022



Just wow...

I am not quite so sure if I enjoyed Glitch but I can confirm that I appreciated that it is different.

It's not cute.

Don't watch it if that's what you are looking for.

Where do I even begin?

This intriguing #kdrama was directed by Roh Deok and written by Gin Han-sai.

 It stars Jeon Yeo-been and Nana

Our heroines are not adorable and likable. They are odd and ordinary at the same time. 

This is kind of cool; so marks for writing such characters.

I just finished watching Jeon Yeo-been in Vincenzo and have to say that the fact that she can play such separate characters shows she has raaaaaange as an actress.

The boyfriend(Lee Dong-hwi)...the catalyst for the story....the Helen of not a handsome-catch that would require one to risk their life but off Ji-hyo goes risking her sanity searching for him only for them to break up at the end. (I don't mean he's ugly...I just got used to the #kdrama status quo)

Even our -favorite-regular-lovable-father- actor Jean Bae-soo is not lovable in this one.  I am shocked... It is not a bad performance though, he is believable as always. 

Fortunately our cult-leader villain, Baek Joo hee is committed through and through, her character delivers.

They all deliver. I think it is just the story and storytelling for me.


I don't even know how to structure this blog post cause I am soooo confused. 


Just wow.

You can watch it on Netflix here

Comment below if you have your thoughts together about this drama. 

We need clarity.

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