Watch The Little Nyonya 2020 remake - Screaming at the screen Questions, Questions and more Questions...

Tuesday 24 January 2023


It is only fitting that my first blog post of the year should be about an Asian drama that dared to be epic; the 2020 version of The little Nyonya! A really enchanting story and semi educational experience for me (My grasp on Asian culture and history is limited, I was googling in between episodes).

There are some exceptionally wonderful food and cooking clips. 
Just look at  how the  trailer really pulls you in right from the start...

Aren't you curious? Maybe a little hungry? Are you going to leave my blog post mid-read and go watch? Make sure you return please.

The Little Nyonya is based on four families connected by marriage through three generations. 
The original popular version first aired in 2008.  I have read many articles of people referring to its impact on their childhood. 

This is a soap opera kind of reminded me of the experience of reading a Danielle Steel book; everything that could happen to our main character happens but somehow they magically escape at the last minute! I was soooo invested in this 2020 story, many times I was screaming  at the screen while watching. I cared about the characters.  

spoiler alert 1

I was a little thrown off by the main character playing two main roles Ju Xiang and Yue Niang (Xiao Yan). After more contemplation I didn't hate it.... Maybe that was 'the effect' the producers were going for? 

 I have mostly questions....just questions...that's what I am going to do in this blog post... ask questions.  If you have answers feel free to comment below. 

The matriarch , Old Madam Chen ( Xiang Yun)
Every thing started with you! You decided to and kept on picking  ALL the wives.
Why did you allow everyone to suffer for so many years? 
Unfortunately even though you are a likeable and endearing character, 
really everything was your fault...

Yue Li Na  really played the *&%$#  out of her evil character, Lin Gui Hua. I always praise unapologetic roles because one must be committed for us to believe. Trust me I believed her! Every time she came on screen I would just naturally frown, then sigh and wonder "What now?!?"  

spoiler alert 2

When she throws Ju Xiang and her child off the ship, she simply rearranges her clothes and goes back to have dinner with the guilt!?!  As first legal wife she has a clear distain for the concubine Tian Lan(Tu Ling), but why did you never challenge your husband?  He was not a domineering why?

Mr. Liu Yi Dao(Darren Chiu) in the beginning your loyalty to Ju Xiang was cute. 
Why did you remain devastated for so long though? 
Why did  you ruin your life? 
Other parts of you could have prospered. 

Huang Mei Yu(Sun Zijun) I felt so sorry for you.
There was nothing you could do. 
Your husband could have been much more respectful and nicer to you 
Why did you keep listening to your mother?
Nothing she said ever helped you. 
Then you recruited your niece into the same lifestyle.....why and for what?

Sisters Huang Yu Zhu (He Yu Hong) and Huang Zhen Zhu( Le Yuan Bing) have heartbreaking storylines! They were used and manipulated and not one of them ended up winning in the end. That's why I blame the oldest generation in the series. They really ruined it for all the women and girls in this drama. No questions for these tragic sisters.

Special mention for the women above, Li Bierer and Xiu Juan who showed us what not fitting the mold was about . 

spoiler alert 3

The latter opened doors for the rest by fumbling all her relatives plans and stealing ALL  their money as  a counter for their nasty continued  plotting to harm others. No questions for the pioneers.

No questions for Yamamoto Yosuke (Dai Xiang Yu). 
You  did what we needed your character to do. 
It is also a really nice touch to know that you were in the 2008 original

Chen Xi(Ryan Kou) , you were what your Uncle should have been. No questions for you. You did what was needed. 

I loved the homage to this museum. I have added it to my travel wish list now. 

You can watch this drama on IQIYI here

Do you have questions? Share them in the comments below! Let's discuss.

Wishing you a fruitful drama watching 2023!

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