Goodbye Zambia! Goodbye 2022!

Monday, 27 February 2023


I moved to Zambia for career growth mostly, but really to gain a different perspective.

I needed some uncertainty to challenge and propel me to make positive life changes.  A very tame down version of Yes theory and the Seek Discomfort challenges but non the less a bold action for me to take in 2021. 

From the beginning of my stay in Zambia, there were great colleagues who created an expat community and welcomed me into it. There were many dinners, meet ups and BBQs (Something I hope to take with me to Italy). There were always laughs, information sharing and companionship; I never once felt lonely.  

Moving to Zambia wasn't too much of culture shock for me. It felt like I just moved to a different part of Uganda. One that didn't grow and  eat Matooke. 

However I went from "Yes, let's do this!"  to "What am I doing?" 

many times throughout the year.... 

  • When I was in transit and got to Addis Ababa airport and my flight said Harare and not Lusaka
  • When I realized I would have to pay double what I budgeted for in rent
  • When I realized how expensive things were
  • When I realized my workload made it difficult for  me to keep up with my  masters studies
  • When the hot water pipe burst in the bathroom at 3.00am  and I thought a bomb had gone off
  • When it took a while to find a good hair salon

 I had to adapt to a new office culture and learn how to work within my new  team. It was like finding my voice and purpose again.  I wrote about some bullying that took place mid year here.   Digging deep within to keep going during that time was needed,  luckily I had previous experiences and a supportive friend with a sincere listening ear.   

Outside of work my life in Zambia was calm, almost like it had rhythm and pattern. I will say at first I found things expensive when compared to Uganda, so it took me a while to curb and adjust my spending and find out where I get the best prices.  Renting on my own in another country was an  experience too. The house manager was very good at ignoring my Whatsapp request for repairs while also needing proof of rent payment every month.  

There was also some heartbreak in 2022 but that another blog post. 

My contract was only for a year so before I moved I set a goal to either get my contract renewed or  find something else by the end of the year. Fortunately God granted me both and after internal consultations I decided to leave and seek discomfort and growth again. 

The things I will miss most

  • My lovely home with big screen TVs, a washing machine and a teeny-tiny pool(for the super hot days!). home was on the cheaper end in the  area I choose to live in. 
  • My friendship circle and our gatherings. I went bowling for the first time in many many years. Special mention of Latitude, Cantina, Prime Joint, Arirang Korean Restaurant, JCS Food and Indian Fusion for all the lovely lunches and  dinners. 
  • My 15 minute walk to work and to the supermarket.
  • Mini local adventures with Kathrine, Suraj and Maya
  • Ulendo Eats mostly 3 trees, Mint Active and Eataly   were my picks for takeaways. 
  • Ulendo and Yango taxis.... there were no Boda Bodas carrying humans in Lusaka and I didn't want to buy a car so this app was very convenient. 
  • Nandos! (Why did you leave East Africa? I miss you already.
  • Weekend Food markets for all the ribs, lemonade, cup cakes, cookies and biryani that I enjoyed. 
  • African Butterfly Trio addictive!
  • Our honorary YES Unit, my colleagues have a fantastic sense of humor.
  • Getting my nails done ...I had some serious nail game in 2022!
  • Sitting in an arm chair in my bedroom drinking  my first cup of coffee of the day and watching a #kdrama or #cdrama on a Saturday morning...

Goodbye and thank you Zambia!

 Goodbye 2022!

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