Conquering Mountains In 2022 and Onwards

Saturday, 1 January 2022

In 2021 I chose my health.
I chose myself. 
 My 'biggest' and 'smallest' win of the year. 

Most of 2020 was a well masked internal battle and a nightmare of a struggle. 
Ignoring myself, until I couldn't any more,
I accepted that I was done with the current state of my life.
I had a achieved all I could,
 and milked it for ALL for what it was worth.

When I looked at my future, I saw my quiet
 rebellious nature burning down all my accomplishments to smithereens 
if I didn't make a drastic change. 
Remember that story of the mice and the cheese?

2021 ended with me finally honoring myself, 
after countless mental backs and forths. 

I thank God for mentors, siblings, aunties and friends that held me steady.
They can save you from your insecure-doubting-bible-Thomas-self
May God continue to bless them. 

I was reminded, that I have some serious life experience now. 
A full grown woman, who can and has made smart decisions. 
I can climb those mountains with an expertise that is unique to me.

I will be hiking and conquering hence forth.
 Don't be surprised at how unapologetic I will be about it. 
The right has been earned.
The dues have been paid. 

Dear  Dad, No troll is going to stop me from trip trapping all over that bridge. 
No dragon is going scare me from getting my treasures. 
and I will counter-curse the evil witch as I dance and weave my way through the forbidden forest.

Dear Reader, will you be joining me?
Happy New Year!

(photo credit: Unsplash)

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