Friday, 3 June 2016

I Have A Shepherd

I was feeling a bit down yesterday. One of my best friends (and mentor) said let's meet up for a coffee, so we did. What followed was long conversation on God. She reminded me to say my prayers and trust that God had my back. It's funny because months ago I did the same thing for her, I told her to pray, I told her to trust that God wanted the best for her, despite what everyone said. I made a list of which psalms she should say, I even sent her prayers through whatsapp. I had faith. I had an immense amount of faith that God was there just waiting for her to allow him/her to help. And she started to say the prayers, and I believe God is doing wonders in her life.

I want to say thank you. Thank you God for reminding me through my friend that you have my back.

I have a shepherd, who loves me.

I have a Shepherd who wants the best for me, even when I cannot imagine such good for myself.

Sometimes I struggle with it

But I will allow myself to be guided by #TheShepherd



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