Monday, 13 June 2016

Why I hate reading poetry. ~ Bad Poetry

 I hate reading poetry
If you have something to say
Just say it
Say it clearly
Don't play around with words
No full stops
No Capitals
 No Red light for stop
No green light for go
Just cruelly making them figure it out as you go
Don't be mean 
Don't tease the reader
Don't make odd sentences
That start weirdly
And end weirdly
Don't remind me
Of how much I disliked my English grammar lessons
Write it clearly
Don't be like the Pied Piper giving very little
And getting much in return
A book deal
Don't expect me to to read a poem that opens up old unhealed wounds
With no therapist waiting 
Poetry reminds me of how I am not book smart
I wasn't chosen for the extra Latin class
I was in the bottom set for English
"You must learn how to use the rules properly before you can break them."
Then we  find ourselves
Years later
In postgraduate class learning the old rules and new rules
"This is how you write a research proposal"
Just more and more rules
So tell me when do we learn how to break the rules?
During the daily e-mail exchanges with our colleagues?
When I fill out the transport request for a field visit?
How about during my chats on whatsapp?
The opportunity to play with language is passing
The challenge to think outside the box is too risky
So tell me, when
When do I get to break the rules?

*This was written during a lovely Coffee and Books session hosted by Writing Our World at Endiro Coffee on the 11th June. They said we had to try and write some poetry... so this is me reluctantly trying to break the rules*


  1. I think your first poem is great! Quite personal�� yet relatable. But it's good choice of words. To write is freedom to express, but poetry is ecstatic!! Your allowed to break some rules��.

    1. Thank you Benardate for being kind and reading through. hehe it's still a bad poem though. but i am proud of my bad poem :)