A Love Story.

Thursday 19 October 2023


Allow me to officially confess both in my mind and aloud...
I believe in love. 
I believe in the power of love 
I am a true romantic in denial.

After all these years on the earth,
 right at the bottom of my heart, 
deep deep down ,
you'll find a tattered and beaten pink sweet perfumed sticky note.
 In thick black ink, some squiggly writing reads
"Always believe in fairy tales and forever!" 

I am typing this at 11.01pm,
Little Maria in my mind, refuses to settle.
Many years ago I told her and my heart to keep quiet,
I said "You can't be trusted anymore!"

Today, tonight, everything is fighting back!

I tried to shut it all down,
and I want to tell you that it worked out. 
That I matured into a magnificent worldly cynic 

I failed...
Cause today...
and tonight... 
God whispers 'Nope....your heart is right he's the one. I say he IS the one!'
Little Maria chimes in, "Finally! We've been telling her since day one!"

I stand corrected. 

In my head, in my heart,
love wins.

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