Watch The King: Eternal Monarch - For Woo Do Hwan Only....

Monday, 17 October 2022


This is the first #kdrama  I watched in two days! Not two straight days. There were some breaks in between  but  I finished it quickly because all the episodes were available and they fitted my weekend flow. 

Staring Lee Min Ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do Hwan, Jung Eun Chae  and Kim Kyung Nam, this fantasy modern drama is set in a alternative universe which give us a dumbed down fictional depiction of what could have happened if South Korea remained a monarchy. Corea. The Kingdom of Corea. 

It's cute and simple, in that it understands exactly what will keep us intrigued but didn't get too complicated with this time-travel-mystery-thriller-stuff. 

I am late to this party, this was a popular drama back in 2020. 

       Truthfully this character is  the only reason that kept me going through each 72 minute episode.....

I think we had this conversation in my last blog post. Slicked back hair and well- fitting suit.....this time they added a black horse..... < insert emoji with star eyes> 

Here are my other favourite elements. 

The Friendships were more Powerful than the Love Story.

We had a leading good-looking couple and they played their role and gave us small small butterflies, but what stood out for me was the loyalty and commitment expressed  in the friendships and colleagues working together. 

In fact watching their relationships evolve was more interesting. Not a bad thing...just interesting that the couple was not an all consuming one.  A criticism would be that the detectives needed to do more than just chasing down criminals and fighting in the streets....

  Woo Do Hwan's Performance


Just the juxtaposition in the two characters really played his two roles with such serious talent and finesse.. They were complete opposites yet believable! Round of applause and standing ovation  Mr Woo! 

The Villain was Evil.

He was cold, frightening, calculative and elusive. He tried  to kill a child just so that he could control time. He run a life-swapping-world-swapping business.  He did his part, nothing new here in the #kdrama world. 

And now for what I didn't like...

Madam Prime Minister's Weak Character Arc

I don't know... but this character had so much promise and unfortunately was such a waste... 

I think she was meant to bring all the fashions, since our heroine was not interested but even in that area she never quite nailed it. 

Her entrance in the beginning was great, but after a while it becomes clear there really wasn't enough depth to her on so many levels. 

An ambitious and competitive woman controlling a country with the 4th largest GDP in the world and she let the Emperor Lee Gon slip out of her hands without even so much as a juicy piece of manipulation, extortion or scandal. I was disappointed...

You can watch it on Netflix

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