Watch Hello Mr Gu, Royal Feast, Song of Youth & Lovers of the Red Sky - Asian Dramas that Fizzled Out Towards the End.

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

These are dramas I started watching because of the online buzz around them. I was thrilled in the beginning but very disappointed in their endings...

Hello Mr Gu

"You are the one who make me falling in love"

This intro tune is stuck in my head for the rest of my life. 
It made me smile at its cuteness, yet twitch at the grammar mistake at the same time. 

My first modern #cdrama, staring Chen Jing ke and Yan Zhi Chao; there isn't much other than like the intro tune its a cute-lovey-dovey drama. 

You can watch it on You tube 
 while carrying out your small tasks. 

Song of youth

I enjoyed the family dynamics in this #cdrama. The different couples living in the family household was good for the drama . Lamu Yangzi's character is the gift that keeps on giving, she is the opposite of what she ought to be which is endearing. 

The beginning episode was amazing, I was hooked!  Our protagonist Sun Yi Lou(Wang Yi Zhe) is  passionate, naïve and persistent as he pursues Lin Shao Chin (Bai Lu).  The puppets in episode one and at the end of the drama and the element of the circus life is very 'novu' for me. 

However towards the end,  the series just lost itself.
 I think the priority was put into stretching out the episodes and not into committing to the story or the lovely characters.

It's also available to watch on You tube 

Lovers of the Red Sky 

I watched this purely for the hype on social media!

This is another drama where the elements are intriguing. For example there are skilled ink painters with divine powers , a demon trapped in a  royal painting,  and then the same evil spirit gets trapped in a blind man with red eyes.  

The guardian characters played by Yo Ye-rin and Mun Suk  were epic! 

When I got to episode 10, I realized that the drama should have ended right there because there was nowhere else for the characters to progress.

I should have realized there was no buzz around the ending...yet there was so much in the beginning!

You can watch this on Viki

Royal Feast 

I watched #RoyalFeast because of Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai

I agree with Avenuex this Chinese  costume drama is really for the fans. It was an opportunity to finally see them together even if it took a whole 26 episodes to happen... 😶😶😶

I readily forgave 'flat' moments where the storytelling or the character development was lacking... and towards the end I found myself realizing I would miss watching ALL these characters together in this world. Special mention goes to He Ruixian. She is one to watch!

Loved the beginning motion graphics and song!

You can watch it on You Tube

That's all folks!

Have you also felt cheated by the online buzz around certain dramas? 

Share in the comments...let's help each other lol. 

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