Skin Wars : Salicylic Acid is My New Best Friend

Thursday, 29 October 2020


So as I mentioned in my earlier blog posts, I have continued down the wonderful addictive dark hole that is You Tube, and now the algorithm has introduced me to some of the most popular personalities in the skin care & beauty community.  

It's as though You Tube was watching me through my phone thinking that I clearly needed an upgrade in my skincare routine; and who am I to argue with you tube?

Here is a list with links to my favorite people so far...

This is going to sound extremely ignorant , but after watching several videos (probably on my 100th by now...) I have a new budding appreciation for the science of skincare. I am embarrassed to be openly admitting it but I honestly thought there was not much to it.  Either you had good skin or you didn't was my line of thought, and those of us 'inbetweeners' who didn't have extremely bad skin nor extremely 'perfect' skin just had to play the cards we got dealt with and suck it up. 

In my head going to a Dermatologist to get treatment for the five stubborn colossal pimples that appear during my worst period and decide to remain for next the five months of the year, was something only  rich models and actors got to do. 

When puberty hit and my skin started acting up in my early teens (13 and 14 years).  I would get sporadic breakouts mostly on my forehead and nose sometimes chin.  My Dad went to consult with a  Pharmacist and came back with  Johnson's and Johnson's clean and clear products

My Mum who had always had clear flawless plump looking skin, felt that this was an adolescent 'phase', and that it should be left alone to come and go as it pleases. My Dad on other hand had had this same experience in his teens, and felt it was his responsibility to help since his genes were causing what he deemed a problem. 

Unfortunately for me the products didn't work. They dried out my skin and my breakouts got worse. That was my first experience with salicylic acid, and its didn't go very well at all! 

Then in my late teens ( 18 years old) I went for  a facial at a skincare spa. They promised they had miracle products, however my face broke out a day after the treatment. The breakout was much worse than my usual ones. Small tender whiteheads scattered themselves across my face for a whole week. I have now come to learn  my skin was purging.  I was mortified. It further re-emphasized my belief that I just had bad skin. No one had sat me down before or after the facial to explain that this would happen when introducing a chemical exfoliant to one's skin.

Again later in my mid 20s, I went for another facial with the same promise that it would help my bumpy texturized skin, and once again I confused a breakout with purging. In fact I thought it was a allergic reaction , because not enough information was provided to me about the products and what to expect in the coming days. 

Years later, as I said at the beginning of this post, you tube dragged  me into the beauty community  and I started watching and thinking about my past experiences; which lead to me doing some amateur research to see whether Korean skincare products were available in Uganda. 

That was three weeks far I have good news. 

My skin loves it! I am using the Cosrx Salicylic Acid Gentle Cleanser  

I had some purging in the beginning, now my skin has settled and I have to say it's working better than any other cleanser I have ever used. 

Which made me realize that I have been washing my face all wrong....

Here are some helpful videos on why you should use Salicylic acid and how to cleanse your face..

*Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or esthetician. Please seek  professional advice before incorporating anything into your skincare routine.* 

Comment below with your skin care experiences and fave products...can't wait to hear them...

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  1. This list is literally what I'll be doing tomorrow

    1. Thank you for reading! let me know how it works out.