Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Taking Stock: My First on the Blog....

Good friends in life are a must!

·         Making: A continuous vision board for 2016, because this year I found the time to force myself too. I wonder if it will actually work….
·         Cooking: I am not cooking and as result I am getting lazy, atleast by the end of this year I should be cooking again…..
·         Drinking: Hibiscus tea with honey, in a bid to eventually beat my need for coffee. It’s gradual process also I am now up to two bottles of water a day….progress!
·         Reading: A women Alone in Uganda, Kenya and Congo by Etta Close published in 1924, I'll be sharing a detailed post on this sometime soon.
·         Looking:  A good cheap photographer for a new year challenge/project
·         Playing: Korede Bello ft. Tiwa Savage - Romantic  (I love Tiwa Savage!) 
·         Wasting:  Time watching You Tube  when I should be reading for exams
·         Wishing:  I have no wishes at the moment, I am where I need to be.
·         Enjoying: This enthusiasm I have for my blog and for my mini projects
·         Liking:  Twitter Hashtags that make me laugh out loud in office e.g #GrowingUpAfrican
·         Wondering: how February 2016 will pan out.
·         Loving:  The oldest library in Uganda. What a find….
·         Hoping: For some more mini travel adventures this year.
·         Marveling: How smart my nieces and nephews are.
·         Needing: To constantly remind myself to be my own person and make my own life choices.
·         Smelling: rosemary oil, that I mix into my castor oil so my scalp stays healthy during my box braid protective style phase. #TeamNatural
·         Wearing: A lot  of lipstick, and a lot more dresses and skirts.
·         Following:  Andrea Lewis and Chescaleigh on You Tube.
·         Noticing: How December’s hot weather has arrived late. It’s  January 2016!
·         Knowing: That attending catholic mass as often as possible is important to me. Quiet time with God in church = #Bliss
·         Thinking: I don’t want to take exams.
·         Feeling: Energized and ready for 2016
·         Opening: A new drawing tab when it arrives from the states!
·        Giggling: Over The Intern’, what great movie!

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