Tuesday, 29 December 2015


2014 and 2015 have been years of internal growth for me. I have been truly stretched. And strangely enough, I find myself grateful. Maybe because I can now, somehow, see the wisdom behind the struggle, I have gratitude.

There has been some necessary maturing of Maria; in ways the Lord deemed critical for the journey that lies ahead….. so much so that I am looking forward to seeing what the years to come bring.

I have some ideas in my head!

Concepts churning in my brain, waiting to be released. 

Collaborations born in my dreams that must come to fruition.

Colorful Post-It Notes scattered across my bedroom wall

Sleepless nights of blissful creativity

If I am going to do this then I must give 100% and bypass the fear –filled voices in my head.

I’ll see you in 2016…. #BringOn2016 #ChooseToLive

What have you learnt in 2015, and where are you going in 2016? Please Share...I'd love to know.

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