Dear Dad: The Aries in me...

Saturday, 20 March 2021


Dear Dad,

the Aries in me is on fire, and I cannot put it out.

Trying to maintain your legacy has triggered a new me.

I rage against all the bullies,

and any signs of manipulation makes me mentally wrangle.

Some people don't like it.

Sometimes I don't like it... 

but I can't be the same. 

Meek, quiet and shy can't work for me any more.

What would you suggest I do about it? 

I knew this change was coming.

In order to take on these additional responsibilities  I have to change. 

A board member of a company. 

A co- administrator of an estate. 

I had no idea you would put such trust in me. 

Mum almost did the same too.

What exactly did you both see in me?

I can't ask you about it now. 

The time for that conversation is passed. 

I must 'DO'. 

I have to stand my ground.

I must lead

and make decisions

just like I saw you do soooo many times.

Both your legacies must live on. 

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