Dear Dad: In Loving Memory...

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Dear Dad,

I was meant to write something profound,
 but you know how these things go, words have failed me.

Please excuse all grammatical errors I know how much those things annoy you.  
This is a blog so we don't take these things so seriously here. I write as I would speak it.

I just realized  I never showed  this space to you,
 but I know that you knew that I was always writing.

This is not the usual way we communicate, me and you,
yet I feel like I must write this,
not so sure how to go about it though...

I never mastered the courage to write to Mum;
never knew how best to start.

Once she was gone I realized just how much I needed you both.

So now you have passed,  I am prepared for the widening hole.

I didn't want you to go, but I have accepted because I want you to go peacefully.

Go peacefully with all our love, prayers and support. 

Your loving daughter,

photo credit: unsplash 

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