Monday, 30 April 2018

Taking Stock - Birthday Month 2018

Making: Videos. Who knew? We can surprise ourselves sometimes if we are determined. 

Drinking:  Water. So turns out all this time I have been dehydrated. I have been drinking... just not enough!? Currently trying the 2 litres a day challenge. I can see surprising unexpected benefits that I will write about soon.. 

Reading: Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind by Yuval Noah Harari. This book I picked out of curiosity. I love reading the parts about our history, just not so such a fan of the long paragraphs which are purely his opinion. while reading, I am reminded of how much I used to enjoy history lessons in primary school. So now I am just trying to find the time to sit down and finish it because it isn't a quick read, contemplation is required. 

Playing: No games. I just can't be that girl even though everyone says those are the rules. 

Wishing: Just honesty, communication and appreciation.

Enjoying:  The last season of Scandal, oba what will I do with my life afterwards?

Writing:  In a cute little orange note book just day I want to write that great book that captures the reader in the first paragraph and keeps them glued right till the end.  

Loving:  Things I have added to my make up collection (this phase might never end...). Those Wet and Wild Mega Last Catsuit lipsticks are AMAZING! Goth Topic is my new fave. 

Eating: The best cupcakes in Gulu at The Iron Monkey!

Needing: Some pampering. I am little overwhelmed by the people asking me for help at moment. 

Wearing:   Seriously hot and fabulous dresses purchased at the bequest of my sister in law and so happy that they didn't break the bank this month. 

Knowing: It's so sad that people will disappoint you no matter how much you try to protect yourself.

Thinking:   I am the only one waiting for Black Panther II, Sorry Thor, it used to be only you but now I can't get enough of T'challa and M'baku 😍😍😍😍😍


Still drooling....

Giggling Over: Finally got the chance to see Girl's Trip


  1. Well written Maria! I NEED those cupcakes!! :-D

    1. Thanks for reading Kullein. Cupcakes were found on :)