Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Taking Stock - It's 2018 already!?

Making: Not one single Vision Board! I am feeling disenchanted by this whole goal setting thing. You rush to cross the finish line then what? Still out of breath from your recent accomplishment, you then look at your list to read the next goal that MUST to be crossed off by the 31st December....yish...I am tired! I got burn out remember? When am I supposed to celebrate my accomplishments if the year's schedule is so jam- packed? While I am ranting, let it be noted by our universal note taker that the last month of the year is not enough reflection time for the adult human race. Also  the rush to achieve things in 12 months is just  NOT practical in my 'humble' millennial opinion. I am taking a break from creating new goals, I am heading of the track field to the locker room to regroup. I need to give my body time to heal from the bruises and sprains. Although I achieved many of my goals last year, I tripped and fell a couple of times while jumping over the hurdles. Plus I have goals from the last two years I still want to complete thoroughly, I refuse to leave them halfheartedly done in a cupboard some where called 'Things I did in 2017'. I shall be dragging them into 2018 to ensure they become master pieces ( Remember we are creating legacies here).  Plus I want to leave space for spontaneity this year, and create room to live. I no longer want to feel overwhelmed nor restricted by organized lists and calendar plans that were blindly drafted in January and influenced by FOMO from the previous year. God shall make my vision board this year.

Drinking:  Water, can't get enough water it's soooooo hot during this time of year!

Reading: The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan I may have bought this book because I loved the cover. I ask forgiveness from the book loving community and hope that despite my weakness for good graphic design they shall take into account that this book was also recommended by Goodreads. 

Playing: Just bought 30 Seconds for the whole family to play. I shall be looking to add to my games collection this year.

Wishing: No current wishes just looking forward to this year!

Enjoying:  Finally found time to catch up on all my fave series. Usually  tucked up somewhere comfortable with The Farmhouse Chicken or pork sandwich/burger thingy. It's glo-ri-ous!  They put purple cabbage and some lovely mayonnaise like sauce.  I could make it at home but I am a millennial, I have been conditioned to believe there is power in purchasing things. Comfort food + fave series = Perfect Lazy Afternoon

Writing:  A short story. Will it ever see the light of day? To be Confirmed.  

Loving:  My Lipstick collection! Blue Flame. African Queen. True Red. Red Sunset. Rouge Brilliance. Kitten Heels. Kiss Me Now. Vintage. Back Stage. Pin Up. Arabica. Purty Persimmon. Cherry Wine. Fired Up. Irresistible. Is there a limit to the amount lipsticks one can have? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Eating: After December Burn Out we are eating whatever keeps our body happy. My body said and I paraphase, " All these upcountry trips you are taking and you want to remove sugar from our diet...No Nope, Double No and Neda!"

Needing: A holiday. Already planning a few mini ones for the year! Excited. 

Wearing:   Daily eye makeup to justify the cost of buying this really lovely eye shadow palette.Y'all the Morphe 35 R palette is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. It is the perfect blend of day and night shades for ladies of colour, and for beginners like myself. I shall be looking for other shades this year.

Knowing: That sometimes we MUST let go and let God. I have to remind myself to not try and fix everything. I have to let things be. Recently had a difficult conversation with a family member, actually it was more of confrontation. It made me realize that while I may have good intentions and want to help, my helping hand  may be taking away the person's ability to believe they can solve their own problems. In fact this person had gotten so used to making a mess and then coming to me with the mop and bucket saying ' I am not sure how to clean this up. You fix it please.' Their flippancy sent a wave of an epiphany through my nerve system. I got frightening but necessary chills of revelations. I took a step back and left them in shock with the mop and bucket. I didn't advise them on which soap to use.  This year some family members shall be required to fix their own mess, because they need to learn they CAN do it. I may have already written about this on this blog..oh well. 

Thinking:  Of People who have lost loved ones this holiday season. One of my father's school friend's passed away on boxing day, his son showed up at the house devastated. Brought back memories of when we lost our mother. There is just nothing you can say in such moments that will ever be enough. Praying for them. It's tough. Sometimes I wish we could banish death, but that sounds like a phase for a fiction piece.

Giggling Over: I bought all these old Christmas movies, Frosty the Snowman, Micky Mouse's Christmas Carol, The little Drummer Boy, How the Grinch stole Christmas. Some of these were made in 1960's and you can tell cause the element of story telling is really strong. They always help bring about my reluctant Christmas cheer at the end of the year.


I am leaving this quote here, cause it's fire! I hope you stay inspired this year. And keep dropping by the blog, love seeing you here.

Comment below, what are you making, enjoying, writing loving etc...? 

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  1. Hahahahaha I can't help but giggle each time I read this, so #currentlyenjoying reading the posts on this blog!! Also #Makeupinspiration! :-)

    1. Thank you Kullein. Glad you enjoyed. Hope you feel inspired for 2018! :)

  2. Love this blog post! Particularly, not making a bajillion goals for the year. I'm totally there this year - I just want to live. And let the universe decide what needs to happen this year!

    1. Welcome to the club! It's so funny because the minute I said no to new goals, some of the stuff that I failed to complete last year. I have accomplished in the first half of this year! So i am sticking to no vision board this year. Thanks for reading.