Thursday, 21 December 2017

My Favorite Tweets of 2017

I decided to share some of my favorite tweets this year because I spend a large chuck of my day on social media. These digital platforms which are supposed to bring us together,  provide the odd ( slightly creepy if i may add )  opportunity to be part of a lot of conversations without even uttering a word. People whom I shall probably never meet, and who have no idea who I am, have strangely touched my life in some small way this year.  I have been disappointed, encouraged, inspired and humored(is that a word even?) just by their tweets this year, so it's only fair that I should pay homage to some of them on this blog.  I wish I could share more but then you'd be here for ages and in the internet world a second feels like forever, so here are a few for you to enjoy with me. Here goes...

Number 1 is  Duckie Thot reminding us just how fabulous she is in the wilderness. My lesson from this photo...I am inspired to be my best self as much as possible. 

Number 2 is  @Bodyposipanda_ setting a good example for us on the importance of self care. Currently learning to change my internal negative narrative on body image. 

Number 3 reminded me of how politics just disturbs me. We, regularly,  get conned into believing  'the greater good' narrative but sometimes we need to appreciate the worker bees amongst us, the people who do the work and never ask for recognition. Not all of us need to be charismatic eloquent leaders being interviewed on TV every morning, some of us are fantastic at buckling down and getting the job done. 

Number 4 Amy Tan released a new book! She wrote the book Joy Luck Club which I studied in secondary school for O-Level.  One of the BEST books I have ever read, it changed my life, it basically changed the way I read books, but that's what English literature should do to students.  The book  explores the relationships of  four mothers and four  daughters, culture, immigration, assimilation and much more . I have been a huge fan ever since! I was so happy to hear that she had  written a autobiographical book about her life . Looking forward to reading it. 

Number 5 tweets with photos that make me fall in love with the world.

Number 6 and 7: once again tweets with photos that make me fall in love with Uganda. I have moved around the country  a lot this year, more for the work I do than for leisure. I am hoping 2018 will be slightly..just slightly different. Please God let's throw a mini holiday or three in there please. 

Number 8 and 9: Tweets that made me realize we don't talk about the environment in ways that cause us to take action to preserve it. I find all the information online fascinating and I carry around some internal shame that I have not done much yet  in my adult life to show my commitment to protecting the environment for future generations . 

Number 10 The tweet that partially triggered my internal shame about my lack of zeal to preserve the environment, a photo of Wangari Maathai. Someone who's struggles and persistence I can only appreciate now that I am older. To be a woman, and stand for what she stood up for in that time, she is our heroine. In 2018 I must find some way to show my commitment.  

Number 11 and 12: I would like to be able to illustrate this well someday. Plans to practice in 2018 are underway. #goals 

Number 13: I really enjoyed seeing the tweets on #Inktober, where different illustrators take up the challenge of producing and sharing their work every day during the month of October. There  are so many talented people out there. Such powerful stories depicted through what appear to be simple  illustrations 

Number 14, 15,and 16  are tweets that make me laugh out loud (excuse the cliche). These are only a few because I couldn't be bothered to scroll through the rest of the year, but Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving (another cliche..sorry).  People on twitter have the best humor ever.

Number 17: My relationship with God as per this tweet and how I will continue into 2018

Number 18 and 19:  when you need a little encouragement sometimes twitter is the place to go

Number 20 and 21: the way Twitter can bring up childhood Every house had those doilies, my mum used to make her own. As for the writing pad, my mum used to love writing letters so that exact paper pad was a staple in our house. I think I wrote a letter to Oprah on it once, never sent it though... oh well. 

Number 22: This artwork of a Maasai in space. We can dream, can't we!

Number 23: Because anything with Beyonce's picture I just like. Some thing that I learnt from childhood is to always put in the work , yet I have seen quite a few  people get by on just stealing from other people. This year I saw the fruits of  my  labors of  love that I have been working on for  long enough. I am encouraged to keep on persevering. This tweet sums everything up for me. #Lemonade #BeyHive

Number 24 These challenges Ugandans set for themselves.. shaking my head in laughter. May you drive safely this festive season, let's not loose our lives prematurely.

Lastly Number 25, Winnie the Pooh quotes make everything better.

What about you? Any favorite tweets this year? Share & comment below.

(btw find me on twitter @mariajulietrose 😀)

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