Thursday, 7 September 2017

Taking Stock - September 2017

Making: I am painting now, I bought my own set of water colors along with some brushes, some pencils, some sharpies and two sketch books. I try to paint in the weekdays after work. I am attempting to build my skills for the drawing pad that I want to eventually start using regularly (Right now it only gets pulled out when I am feeling brave😣 ). There is something very liberating about creating without restriction, and also creating for nobody in particular but yourself. It is all thanks to @paintklanight for helping me pick up the brush. I attended two of their events and can't wait for the next one. Notice that I have not called myself an artist. There are real professional artists out there. I am not an artist, I simply paint. 

Drinking: Ummm....I have started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in water again. I take a bottle to work every other day...750ml to be exact. I mix two table spoons in my bottle of water. My stomach is a very happy place right now 😊😊😊

Reading: I just finished reading Homegoing by Yaa! Loved this bookπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. It follows the linage of two sisters from the days of slavery to the present moment. Took me a while to finish with all the other things I had to get done but it was totally worth it. It's a must read, go out and get it if you can.

Playing: Played some google art games the other day. I am considering getting my own set of board games.

Wishing:I usually leave this section blank but this month I am pining for a whole bunch of things, too sensitive to put in this blog post. 😭😭😭

Enjoying: Bikozulu's two blog posts Njeri and Guy. I can't wait for his book.

Writing: The daily free writing exercise is quite fun; when I can force myself to actually  sit and do it. I pick the strongest sentence from it and afterwards see if I can write some fiction, but I need to stick to a story line for a little longer than 30 minutes.

Loving: You Tubers, I discover new ones every week. Now I don't even bother to watch TV anymore. I just catch up with their daily vlogs. You can even get your exercise routine from You, Pilates,'s all there!

Eating: Popcorn...I mean who doesn't love popcorn? Also..why is it when you start eating popcorn it's impossible to stop? You have to get to the very last one.πŸ˜…

Needing: The furry square pillows in Mr Price. I might as well have a pillow spree, you only live once..right? Well as much of  a spree as possible given the goals I must achieve this year.

Wearing: Lipstick. It's a staple now that I have figured out how to use lip liner πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ God help me if I get my hands on a good highlighter or bronzer....πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Knowing: I think I say the same thing every taking stock, but prayer and God-time is important.

Thinking:  About Louise L Hay's death. She was the author of the  first self help book I ever bought. I know we are not supposed to admit to buying self help books, but I do buy them because adulting is tough. Took me more than a decade to understand what she was trying to say πŸ˜‚. I needed some life experience I guess. Very simple and subtle points but very hard to master. RIP Louise L Hay, you certainly won't be forgotten. Those affirmations require work buts it's good homework to have.

Giggling Over: The first paragraph of Luvvie Ajayi's new book,  I'm Judging You -The Do Better Manual 

From the Louise hay Website

Comment below, What does the month of September hold for you?


  1. Wow Maraia. I love this.
    1. Good stuff on the painting thingy.
    2. What does Apple cider vinegar help with? I have fomo for a happy stomach.
    3. Please share some YouTubers. I'm stuck refreshing This is Es.
    4. Lipstick is indeed a way of life.

    Cheers and have a great September.

    1. wwwwww Thank you for reading Liz! For the You tubers I shall share the good videos with you as I come across them. As for the stomach FOMO lol.... so i used to suffer from bloating( my stomach would even become temporarily visible through my dress after lunch) and the ACV seems to have gotten rid of it hence my stomach being a happy place :) here's a link to a google search on ACV it is one of those things where everyone's got an opinion so look just have look through

  2. Hi, I had made mental notes of the things I had to ask you. Then I remembered the comment section ��
    1. Furry Pillows
    2. Exercise routine
    Good blog.Thanks for sharing a piece of your life. PS:We will talk about the Wishing section!!

    1. Hahahaha....thanks for reading Jose. Always appreciated