The Skin Wars: I Found A Face Mask that Works, I Swear!

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Before you read this blog post, let me just clearly state that I am not a skin care expert. I am simply blogging about a product that I have used and it appears to be working well for me.

Now as I said in my last post I have started using all things Shea Butter on my skin because after years of unpredictable breakouts and regular visits from almost-indestructible whiteheads and blackheads, Shea butter is the only thing that cancelled them all out.

At the beginning of the 2017 I was wondering around Garden City Shopping Mall on my lunch break, and I just happened to step into the Eve & Nico Beauty Store to peruse through, I was not looking for anything in particular just some idle window shopping…. and we all know that the Devil makes work for idle hands. Eve & Nico is renowned for having those original world famous brands from abroad that you have been dreaming about purchasing, but not everything in the store is pocket-friendly. So far I have made some good purchases from them but I definitely have to plan for it. Let it also be noted that every time I have entered the shop the customer service has always been great and the ladies are really helpful.  

Anyways I came across a range of soaps from Shea Moisture. And then my eyes zoned in on some face masks right next to them….like I said the Devil took advantage of my idle wondering mind. I picked each skin mask up one by one, and started examining the ingredients. If you have natural hair then you totally understand why I did this. I wanted to know how much of this mask was ‘natural’. My gut said take the healing and hydrating one. I think I was swayed by the the words in the description. Having been a previous product junkee, I am extremely susceptible to the word ‘radiance’. I am working having a chocolate glow like Beyonce’s in her Instagram photos.

Noticing that I was about to make what I thought was an impromptu and useless investment in my current skin care routine, I left the store. I thought that would be the end of it. Long story short, a week later I was still thinking about the product so I decided to treat myself for the new year and I bought two masks at the Eve & Nico in Kisemeti totalling 200k (God help us!)

I committed to one of the masks for three weeks (the one in the picture at the top). On either Friday or Saturday evening after a shower I would leave it on my face for 10 to 20 minutes. I have to be honest and say the mask doesn’t smell very nice, it’s not unbearable but it’s not an appealing girly scent. The consistency is lovely though, it feels like a heavy luxurious cream rather than the usual matty grey mud. You may also find that you won’t make much of a mess slathering it on. When it dries it will not be difficult to wash it off. Your skin should feel very soft and supple afterwards (atleast mine did!).I should mention that I always give my face a gently scrub beforehand and I use a good toner afterwards, followed by my tried and tested shea butter from Livara.

 At first when I started using it, I went back to my internal doubts about whether the effects of most masks are just in our heads. But then I remembered my skin doesn’t lie, it’s always been honest about what works and what doesn’t since my very first teenage breakout. Even if I am feeling good inside it’s very possible for MY skin to look terrible on the outside (it has betrayed me during the most awkward of times, but now all is forgiven).

 So as mentioned earlier for three weeks I committed to one mask, then someone took a photo of me, and I noticed the ‘glow’ and the ‘radiance’. I danced around my room for like 5 whole minutes when I saw the photo. In my three week experiment the only additional thing I added to my routine was the mask. I am not pregnant and don’t have a new boyfriend, therefore according to Maria-Nabatanzi-who-is-not-a-skin-care-expert I think I got some of my skin glow up from this mask. Now of course my skin was already improving from the Livara shea butter products but this just added that little bit of EXTRA!

So if you can afford it I recommend it. After three weeks I still have quite a lot of product left, most likely I shall make it to June/July this year before I need a refill. However I do recommend with my limited expertise, that you make sure you already have a good skin care routine in place that is working for you before adding the mask. I don’t think it will make all you skin problems disappear unless a good routine is in place.

P.S: can we talk about how pretty the Shea Moisture website is and how easy it is to navigate…

P.P.S: the photos of the product and the product description are from the Shea Moisture Website

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